The Health Benefits of Cold Showers

If you have ever experienced showering in cold water, you surely know how unpleasant it can be. When cold shower leaves you trembling in discomfort, you might think this would cause you to get sick. However, a bit of shivering brought on by cold shower actually has many benefits you might don’t know about.  


  • You’ll Become More Alert


girl in the shower

If you try taking a cold shower after you wake up, cold water will be a shock to your body causing you to breathe deeper and in this way increasing the amount of oxygen getting to your brain. In addition to this, there will be an increase in heart rate and your blood will rush through the entire body, making you more alert.


  • Your Skin and Hair Quality Will Improve



You certainly must have noticed how your skin and hair feel after having a hot bath – they become dried out. Having a cold shower will make your pores tighter and prevent their clogging. It also leads to sealing of the scalp and skin pores, thus keeping dirt away. Hot water also strips your skin and scalp from the oils that are made naturally, whereas cold water doesn’t. After a cold shower, hair will be stronger and shinier.


  • Your Circulation and Immunity Will be Boosted


Cold water will make your blood circulate faster and more efficiently, bringing oxygen to the whole body.  The circulation is improved and vital organs are supplied with blood and oxygen, which protects your heart. This leads to reduced blood pressure, cleans arteries and strengthens immunity.


  • It Helps in Losing Weight


There are two different types of fat in our bodies – white and brown fat. Our bodies store brown fat with reason to generate heat and protect us from low temperatures. Cold showers cause weight loss by activating melting of the brown fat.  

Close-up of Girl Measure the Waist


  • It Helps Muscles Recover Faster


Athletes take cold showers to prevent muscles from getting sore. After training in a gym, taking a cold shower can help with sore muscles, especially the pain that occurs with a delay.


  • Reduces Stress


Taking regular cold showers leads to increased tolerance towards stress and can prevent development of disease. Exposing your body to cold water has shown to drastically reduce the levels of uric acid, which causes illness if there too much of it. Glutathione production, on the other hand, is increased. This is an important antioxidant required for proper functioning of our body’s defiance against free radicals and toxins.


  • It Help in Relieving Depression


Taking a cold shower activates skin’s receptors for cold. Then, the electrical impulses in the peripheral nerves are released towards the brain in huge amounts. This leads to relieving of symptoms of depressions and improving mood. Hydrotherapy is proven to alleviate depressive states, but it also provides an analgesic impact, without causing negative effects or the development of dependence. It’s recommended to take a few consecutive showers with 38-degree temperature, lasting only a few minutes. Then, this should be followed by a shower lasting five minutes, while decreasing the temperature gradually.